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Information Final Fantasy XIV : Last Moments of Eorzea & Final

Title :  Final Fantasy XIV : Last Moments of Eorzea & Final
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Comments Final Fantasy XIV : Last Moments of Eorzea & Final

Rhian Gibson
EDIT ⭐️ PLEASE READ ⭐️ When this video was filmed, there was no information about the risks of sleeping pods and nests as they were fairly new to the market. Since filming, the Lullaby Trust have investigated the safety of sleeping pods, like the Sleepyhead, and state that they are NOT safe for overnight or unsupervised sleeping. I therefore have to retract my recommendation of the Sleepyhead and would suggest that you do not buy the product.

Information on safe sleeping for babies can be found here - www.lullabytrust.org.uk

Comment from : Rhian Gibson

With the sleepy head like that you weren’t afraid of sids
Comment from : iSkieTips

I’ve honestly watched this video over 20 times. Due in 5 weeks and so excited! This is my fave essentials vid. I’ve also bought the majority of this on your recommendation
Comment from : Beckah

That nest mattress looks so unsafe, I would be way too worried about SIDS
Comment from : Nancy

I am in the USA and it doesn't look like the SnuzPod can ship to the USA. Anyone know how to get one here? I tried messaging the website, but it kept giving me an error message.
Comment from : kyoteach

emily cheetham
I’d try the mybreast friend rather than the boppy, many people say the same dis advantages as you have said.
Comment from : emily cheetham

Such a helpful video! Thank you!
Comment from : Samylovet

Swag up Littel boy
Oh wow sorry I am not mired lol ...:)
Comment from : Swag up Littel boy

Java C
Can you use the sleepyhead overnight? I've been told conflicting info
Comment from : Java C

sue mcfarlane
The last thing you need is pain while feeding as it defiantly affects the let down of your milk so I would toss it until your tummy is completly healed
Comment from : sue mcfarlane

Meme 87
sleepyehead is worth its price. highly recommended
Comment from : Meme 87

Another few uses you may like the poppy pillow for is a place to prop the baby up if you want her sitting upright a little while after feeding. It's supports her head and back nicely. Another use is when she is starting to sit up on her own, it's nice to put behind them, so if they fall back they will hit the pillow instead of the floor. We used it a lot when I used to work in childcare, put a blanket on the floor with some toys , sit the baby down with the pillow behind them, "sort of around their legs and back" as an extra precaution. You may also still like it for nursing once you are healed more.
Comment from : kardancer1

Anna McDermott
Am I the only one who hates the word nappie lol
Comment from : Anna McDermott

Anna McDermott
My son would just chill for 2+ hours he wasn't super attached to me lol so I guess I was lucky.
Comment from : Anna McDermott

Mairead Kavanagh
We also have chevron sleepyhead he has it since birth he is now 4 months and will sleep anywhere in it..we brought him on holidays and stayed at grandparents he loves it..I also have the exact same boppy and I thought it was one of our worst buys so uncomfortable for feeding way too hard..he now uses it for sitting up so it's getting some use😆
Comment from : Mairead Kavanagh

Nikole Heiner
The Breast Friend was so much better, for us, than the boppy pillow! It has a pocket for cream etc and it has a strap to hold it tight around your waist.
Comment from : Nikole Heiner

Crystal Crowe
Your pillow looks very firm compared to mine. I couldn't live without my pillow I even have one in the car for on the go feeds! You should try washing and drying yours to get it a bit fluffier...hope that helps!
Comment from : Crystal Crowe

Jessi Piemonte
I couldn’t use the bobby for breast feeding but it’s awesome for my young cousins to help them hold the baby. Also she sleeps and lounges in it.
Comment from : Jessi Piemonte

La Vida Lopez
Your hair is gorgeous! I enjoyed your video.. just watching these types of videos while I wait on my baby's arrival in a few weeks!
Comment from : La Vida Lopez

Marilyn Rasbury
I dont know what i would have done with out the boppy, my son is 6 months old and i still use it with every feeding. You need to be sitting up right so its snug up to you. You cant slouch. Also yours looks so much more fluffy then mine.
Comment from : Marilyn Rasbury

Modelos venezuela l
You can get Baby Stuff Free Welcome Box at sites.google.com/view/eshop/baby
Comment from : Modelos venezuela l

Brittany Dumoulin
I had my daughter 21 years ago things have changed sooo much!!! I'm having a girl this Dec 2017 it's all so overwhelming with how many products and items available now. we really didn't have the choices we do today. I do remember some things you should just wait to see after baby is born to purchase. I find this video helpful for a different perspective. Everyone and every baby is different. But still so helpful for someone like me. Thanks!
Comment from : Brittany Dumoulin

desiree medeiros
My baby liked the thunder storm sound....Elora was such a fussy sleeper but when ever we played the thunder storm sound she would just sleep...I think the sound player was all natural nature sounds/ weather sounds......bought it in Ireland thought it was stupid cause I would have to pack it because I live in the United States 🇺🇸 but was the best thing , I'm so happy I walked into that baby shop and listened to that nice couple.... sorry I'm ranting......love your videos....
Comment from : desiree medeiros

Rocio Huerta
My Brest friend is way better than the boppy I use the boppy just to prop up baby but not for breastfeeding
Comment from : Rocio Huerta

Kathy Radford
Haven't seen a mom yet who didn't like the dockatot/sleepyhead
Comment from : Kathy Radford

sami bressette
Is the sleephead the dockatots knockoff? What age can you use for baby to sleep?
Comment from : sami bressette

Maisie LB
The boppy was a nightmare for feeding my son the hush cush pillow you put on your arm is much better love that thing i keep it in the plastic bag it came in and even put it in the pram i take it everywhere cant get his latch right without it
Comment from : Maisie LB

Alexa Jean
I couldn't use the boppy pillow after my c section either. I'm having baby number two in October so we'll see if I use it this time around.
Comment from : Alexa Jean

yesenia mcneely
I just used my boppy to prop up my son and to teach him to sit. I used my pillow pet for breastfeeding😂
Comment from : yesenia mcneely

Jenny Greenway
Hi, we had Ewan ever since my baby was born and she just wasn't bothered.. I think I ended up turning it on just to use it, but she didn't care... 🙈🙈 we do have the a/c on all night so that might be why (we live in Abu Dhabi) so I think she uses that as her white noise..
Comment from : Jenny Greenway

MomLife with Twins
I got 2 boppy pillows but the funny thing- nver used it for my newborn twins haha! Now they're 18 mos and i usually use it doing diaper change lol
Comment from : MomLife with Twins

Katie Robertson
My favourite thing would be dummies my eldest had a tongue tie and they helped her learn to suckle my youngest doesn't have a tongue tie but they help calm her on the nursery run.I also love our cotbed we have for the 17 month old it lasts until she's 7 so we got the same one for my 5 week old for when she outgrows the crib think they are really good value for money.
Comment from : Katie Robertson

Katie Robertson
My baby is 5 weeks and is only just starting to take to ewan her sister is 17 months and keeps trying to pinch it though we like the heartbeat best.We use it straight after night feeds when she is still awake before going back to sleep or if she wakes during the night and just needs her dummy.I did use it with her big sister and she took to it from around 5 -6 weeks.
Comment from : Katie Robertson

Lizzie McNicol
I haven't really tried ewan again since it didn't work when Annie was newborn she just seems to get irritated by white noise 😂😂 makes sense though cos I like it silent the only noise I can deal with is my cat purring. Someone should definitely make a cat white noise teddy!
Comment from : Lizzie McNicol

Katie Cook
I got the kinder valley breastfeeding pillow in Asda for £9.99 as I didn't fancy spending so much on the Boppy. I've found it really useful after my section! I wonder if it's a bit softer. A good alternative anyway! X
Comment from : Katie Cook

Nicola Gilbert
My baby loved Ewan, I used the rain or heartbeat sound. The only drawback was the time the sound played for so I ended up getting a ''My Hummy' instead. Hummy lasts 60mins and has a sleep sensor which automatically restarts the sound if baby stirs or there's a background noise like a dog barking or lawn mower. I prefer the sound quality of Ewan but I recommend Hummy as I no longer need to manually restart it in the night. I also couldn't of been without sleepyhead either, my daughter was in hers till about 7/8 months and it made transitioning from the co sleeper to her cot very easy. Other must haves for me are sleepbags, the Aquascale baby bath as the support is fabulous, Chicco next to me co sleeper, Milton wipes for nipple shields/dummies, RockaRoo, Dr Browns bottles, baby grows with integrated scratch mitts, car seat adaptors for the pram, Tommee tippee video/movement monitor & thesnufflebabe nasal aspirator. Xx
Comment from : Nicola Gilbert

Joley Williams
We used ewan from birth and still use it now and my little boy is coming up to 7 months old! In the beginning he loved the heart beat, but now he loves the lullaby one and watches the ewans tummy light as he's going off to sleep! We just used to put it on when he was getting bored or a little fussy and it seemed to occupy him xx
Comment from : Joley Williams

Laura Staines
Such a helpful video! You look amazing ❤️ hope you feel better soon! Quick question - now that you've found out the gender and had a surprise. If you were to ever have another baby.. What would you do? Find out or surprise? Xx
Comment from : Laura Staines

Emma Presland
We have Ewan and I like the sea sound but I hate that it only goes for twenty minutes, so Phoebe wakes when it's stops. Useless x
Comment from : Emma Presland

Emma Rose
I'm a first time mum and we have a Moses basket and a sleepyhead. we didn't purchase a next to me crib and it wouldn't fit In her Moses basket. after 3 weeks of little to no sleep in her moses basket, as soon as I started using her sleepyhead for overnight sleeping she has slept from 11pm-6am most nights! only issue is that we still have no crib next to the bed, instead she is propped up on 2 dining chairs 🙈🙈🙈
Also we have Ewan and we like him but I can't decide if it's because it helps me sleep or her 😂 I think when she is older it will help her sleep but because she's so young, she cries because she wants something and I don't think white noise will help so early on but I could be wrong xxx

Comment from : Emma Rose

Jasminee B
Elsie loved the Ewan sheep she used to love the heartbeat when she was newborn then as she's grown up she liked the lullaby and now she won't sleep without him x
Comment from : Jasminee B

marie main
How is your new baby sleeping at night? X
Comment from : marie main

Emily - The Peachicks and Us
Really helpful video, some fab products! I never got on with the Boppy either, like you say it's so hard isn't it! I'm excited to try the snuzpod and sleepyhead this time xx
Comment from : Emily - The Peachicks and Us

Chloe Astley
This was so helpful for me! I'm due to be a first time mum this August, and it's nice to have honest confirmation on what products are good and what are not. How are you finding combination feeding? I think that's the route I'm also going to go down x
Comment from : Chloe Astley

Ashley D
My daughter loved her Boppy Lounger. Its great for babies with reflux because it keeps their upper body at a slight incline after feeds. Also using a moby wrap or a Tula carrier with the infant insert was a must for us. Congrats on your second baby girl :)
Comment from : Ashley D

Rhiannon Teeluck
I don't use the boppy pillow for feeding anymore but it is amazing for laying our baby in to support her - couldn't be without it xxx
Comment from : Rhiannon Teeluck

Jennifer Taylor
I've known one lady who carried her boppy about everywhere because she couldn't feed without...if it doesn't work for you it's probably not the worst thing! The advice I got was to learn without a support pillow as it saves you having to learn how to do without it. Does mean a few dead arms in those early feeding all day days 😂x
Comment from : Jennifer Taylor

Nicki Tries
My little boy didn't like Ewan so we got a Chico bear which is like magic!
Comment from : Nicki Tries

Danielle Steele
Commented on your Instagram about Ewan too 🙈 But I love him! My daughter's now 14 months & we've used Ewan since she was first born. She likes the front 2 feet. I tend to use the lullaby sound on a night & the other front one once she's asleep for a nap during the day.
Suppose every baby will have different preferences though, may be worth trying different ones and see which gets better results

I also tried using a nursing pillow (not the same brand) post cesarean and also found it really uncomfortable too. I ended up using it more as a sitting support when she was a bit older X

Comment from : Danielle Steele

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